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Couch Banana


Taste a medley of banana and mango with a pinch of brown sugar in this steady indica from this bright purple and orange bud. With a loud skunky aroma and its bright tropical notes, this strain takes the best parts from its lineage including Lemon Royale and TK Skunk. FIGR dried flower products are hand selected to ensure dense high quality buds are in every package.


Two Bite Brownies
by Olli

2x 5mg THC

Olli’s Chocolate Brownies are the perfect blend between culinary and cannabis. Each package contains two small batch, nut-free brownies made for sharing. Each brownie contains 5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD, uses thoughtful ingredients and provides a chewy, soft and decadent chocolate flavour curated by Olli’s Michelin-starred trained Executive Chef.