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Jungle Fumes


Stop and smell the Jungle Fumes. These dense jungle coloured buds are packed with diesel and chem flavours. The parent strains of Sour Diesel x Chemdawg x Lemon OG create a sativa that comes with a heavy diesel aroma upfront, chem undertones and notes of tropical fruits. FIGR dried flower products are hand selected to ensure dense high quality buds are in every package.


Frosted Cream Puffs
by Spinach


With frosty buds, creamy flavours and aromas, Spinach® Frosted Cream Puffs will take you on a journey of cannabis deliciousness. With strain inspiration from their fan favourite Space Cake, they’ve hit on all its looks, tastes, smells and feels. Caked with stick-to-your-fingers trichomes is what makes this an incredibly delightful cultivar that is out-of-this-world.