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Frosted Cream Puffs
by Spinach


Dive into a baker’s bowl of frosting, sweetness and colour with this decadent and frosty flower. With crystal clear buds and creamy flavours, Frosted Cream Puffs takes you on a delicious journey. With lineage that traces back to Snow Lotus and GSC, this cultivar hits when it comes to looks, tastes and smells. Caked with stick-to-your-fingers trichomes, this cultivar is a delicious delight with classic terpenes such as limonene, caryophyllene and humulene.​


Cookie Cake
by GreenSeal


Cookie Cake is the sativa-dominant offspring of a Wedding Cake x Animal CKS ‘celebrity cross’ conceived via GreenSeal’s Nursery program. A true prodigy, the best qualities of both parents shine through in its exceptionally sweet and creamy Cake and CKS flavour. Appropriately ‘Caked’ with glittering trichomes, the dark green buds are as beautiful as they are tasty and potent.