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Monkey Butter
by Good Supply


This pretty bud is a sativa lover’s indica. The effect of this strain starts with a pleasant euphoric high before dragging you down into deep body relaxation. it’s nutty with earth and woodsy aromas thanks to the dominant terpenes of beta-caryophyllene, cedrene and humulene. So quit your monkeying around and indulge in these compact light green buds with amber pistils that shimmer with milky trichomes. Because this cross of GG #4 x Peanut Butter Breath means business. Monkey business.


Donny Burger Slime Bag
by Ghost Drops


Ghost Drops offers one of its first drops in a larger 14g format via its “Slimebags”. This Donny Burger is a sour gassy experience not yet seen in the legal market. Ghost Drop’s Donny Burger features beautifully manicured buds of the same intense Ghost Drops strain sold in its 3.5g jars only. If you love the Loud Plug’s Exotic Gas strain than consider this an upgrade.