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Enroute Cannabis

9154 Hwy 17, Warren

BIG NEWS! We have received our Retail Operator License and the preliminary Retail Store Authorization that lets us do our final setup and get ready for an Opening Inspection! It’s been a whirlwind six months of hard work, but we’re almost ready to open. Thanks for the honks, visits, and encouragement – see you soon!


We are in the licensing phase and expecting to open October 25, 2021. 

We’d love to hear from you! What hours work best? What products do you want? 

Where Markstay-Warren meets West Nipissing

Cannabis and CBD on the way

between Sudbury and North Bay

Trucks welcome.

Wheelchair accessible.

Fast and simple.

In and out.

Which products are for you?

Cannabis products contain THC and CBD. THC has a reputation for producing a sense of euphoria, while CBD is known for relaxing and relieving stressed bodies.

Cannabis comes in different forms:

  • dried flower for smoking or vaporizing
  • oils and concentrates
  • edible products like chocolate or candy
  • topical creams and luxury skin care

What will you be doing?






Topicals and …

“Cannabis Topicals are products such as lotions and oils that have been infused with cannabis extracts and are meant to be applied to the external body surface which includes hair, skin and nails. The main difference between topicals and other forms of cannabis is in how the body processes the cannabinoids. When cannabis extracts are applied topically, the effects will generally only be felt locally, on the area the product is applied.

As with consumption of any form of cannabis, the intensity and longevity of the effects depend on many factors, such as your weight and sex, how much food you’ve eaten that day and how quickly your metabolism works.”  (source: Ontario Cannabis Store)

Popular Brands

Some brands just have a reputation. Here are some strains that are popular this week.


Pink Kush


Blue Gorilla



What can we get you?

Did you know we can get almost any cannabis product sold in Ontario within a week? 

Flower Strains

Edible Options

Average Days

Enroute Cannabis

We work to promote peace, provide support, open creativity, enhance experience, and sustain our lives. 

A Mood Menu?

The first time we walked into a cannabis retail shop, we felt overwhelmed by the menus. To us, they looked like giant Excel spreadsheets, too much information to understand. Prices seemed arbitrary for similar THC, but why?  Would we even notice a difference? Why...

No Small Business: Part 2

This is our real-life experience of the costs, having made every effort to find a cheaper way, avoid the unnecessary, keep it simple, start small.

No Small Business

There is no such thing as opening a small cannabis store.

Regulation is Helpful for our Mom & Pop Shop

OCS and Cannabis regulations help level the playing field to allow smaller players to serve their communities



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