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White Fire Craft OG
by BC OZ – BC Black


White Fire OG is an indica-dominant cultivar known for its high potency and unique flavour profile. Flowers are evergreen with shades of lime and have a characteristic Kush bud structure. Its aroma is a mixture of pine, lemon and diesel, while its flavour has hints of earthy skunk and spicy herbs. This craft-grown genetic was produced in small batches, manicured by hand and hang dried to preserve optimal quality. BC OZ features craft-grown products from BC Cultivators. BC OZ ounces maintain a strict protocol of hang drying, hand trimming and cold curing to preserve terpenes and offer the best smoke to discerning cannasseurs. 


Funk Master


Now you’ve got even more chances to discover the medley to Funky town. SHRED has captured the essence of real dank buds with skunky, gas and earthy aromas that truly bring the funk. Get down and get dank with Funk Master at 20%+ THC and a humidity pack included in every pouch.